Creamline Farms
Contact: Tyler Carroll & Erica Turner
Address: 50924 Umpaine Road Milton-Freewater, OR, 97862
Email Address:
Phone: 509-386-3011
About Us
This butter starts right here on our family farm in Umatilla County. Our beautiful jersey cows produce all of the exceptionally rich and nutritious milk that goes into Creamline butter. Our "girls" are pasture fed giving the butter a unique blend of flavors that will change slightly as we progress thru the seasons. Adding live cultures to the cream gives the butter a deeper, fuller flavor with a smooth, creamy texture. After culturing for several days the cream is small-batch churned and hand worked. Because we do not add anything artificial you get "real" butter the way it was meant to be. Our goal is to start with happy healthy cows and end with happy healthy customers.
We are a natural dairy, but not organic. We avoid antibiotic use, but we use medicine when cows re sick and especially in a life-saving situations. We have the vet visit every 3 weeks, and our nutritionist visits once a month. Milk from antibiotic cows is dumped and not in our butter. We keep 300 cows - primarily Jersey, with some Brown Swiss and Holstein cross bred. They have access to pasture 365 days/year and are primarily grass-fed. They also eat local alfalfa hay. They are fed daily a mix of grass hay/corn silage/vitamins & minerals. We feed grains depending on the time of year and nutritionist recommendations.