Dixie Acres Farm
Contact: John & Lana
Address: 570 Biscuit Ridge Road Dixie, WA, 99361
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Phone: 509-869-1419
About Us
Our Story

We operate a pleasant little family farm near Dixie, Washington. In 2014, John had a berry big idea of planting 8,000 strawberry plants for u-pick. The grand adventure of growing and selling produce started! The weeds grew too and we had to plow under half the crop that year. Yes, we were newbies. It was high tuition costs, but we were growing high nutrient produce and character. The old barns on the property are from the 1970’s when it was a white turkey farm. The biggest barn is 2-story, which makes it perfect for drying our garlic.

We specialize in naturally grown strawberries, blackberries, garlic, microgreens, and salad greens. It has been a wonderful learning opportunity for our family, a blessing to be outside and in the dirt, and a growing experience!

John believes the future is in the soil. The healthier the soil, the healthier the produce, and the healthier the people. We follow organic growing practices, but are not organically certified at this time.

Lana loves organizing, harvesting, and bringing this fabulous produce to you!

Join us in building healthier families, communities, and environment with high nutrient produce.

John & Lana Ash